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Many a true word spoken in jest

Christopher Bacon/DuArt  4/24/97 18:22  wrote:

> In my humble opinion, the Aaton Keylink has turned into a 
> bit of a horror show...

Christopher, your 'horror show' posting to the TIG
gave the telecine industry proof that Aaton can be wrong: 
with v6.02c we over-protected the Keylink's prime 
feature - its consistent frame-accuracy - by locking critical
engineering parameters up too well.     
Given a choice, we would have preferred to hear your 
opinion privately; this is the way another Manhattan transfer 
facility engineer informed us about his concern on this subject
(at NAB).
We immediately made him a version -6.02e- that allows colorists 
to locally modify configurations attached to the film being 
transferred, without altering the 'mother' configurations used 
in other transfers.

For better and for worse

--jp (aka Dracula)

PS: We can make this v6.02e ftp address available to facilities 
who want it.


thanks to Ted Brady, Ben Webber, & C. Bradley Hunt 
for support of the TIG in 1997
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