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Re: layering vs. windowing

> 	Hi Ken, can you soften the edges of several windows at the same 
> time, and can you soften each egde separately on the RSQ ?
> 	Regards, JC

Hey there JC,

The windows themselves you can't soften, but you can as I said before link them together easily 
to get a soft effect if you want to use something like a gradation.

Because the windows/masks are there primarily to separate objects geographically, one is far more 
interested in getting the object selected than softening the mask.  I can soften the edge 
transition of my object though, which is very important.  

I know that the Pogle has single window softening ability, and that is another reason that I 
selected a Pogle as my controller so that I can update at a later stage, also ESR has some rather 
nice other things that I would like as well, such as the virtual copy back......  Errr, Ace 
described it well, maybe he can make another attempt!  At present I am able to do so much with RSQ 
that this problem isn't so important. 

RSQ as a computing device hasn't even reached its optimum at the moment, there is a great deal 
hidden inside that the software hasn't been written for yet.  

So, money no object.....  I would have RSQ, DCP and ESR quite happily.....  A redesign of my 
desk/brain would be in order as well!

BTW, I just saw the new brochure on the ESR.....  Someone has been drawing rainbows and splodging 
purple over the sky?????????????


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