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what's so hard?

Nicole Yates, telecine operator at Temple University, who is now
subscribed to the TIG, wrote asking what might seem a simple question,
but I was a bit thrown by it, so hereby submit it to the group.

Forwarded message from nyates at nimbus.temple.edu

can i ask you some thing? well, i do transfers, and i adjust stops and
stuff, but whats so difficult about this job? i mean, your careful
with the film (fingerprints and lint and stuff), fix stops if needed,
focus and sync the sound and your ready. i just dont understand why
its so hard. am i missing somthing? dont get me wrong, i love it, its
nice to make people happy and to kick back and watch a film, but
geez. oh well:)
hope to hear from you soon,
nyates at nimbus.temple.edu | nicole yates |"purple is a fruit"- homer

End forwarded message

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