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Re: Re; Spirit in London

> From: Seamus O'Kane <spok at compuserve.com>
> To: multiple recipients of <telecine at sun.alegria.com>
> Subject: Re; Spirit in London
> Date: Thursday, 8 May 1997 9:35
> Sorry for the delay but we had a holiday weekend here. Thanks
> for inviting me to reply on such an low interest subject!
> Our experiences so far, (and we have not had that long to
> market the new room), suggest that a),  they will, and b),  they
> notice why they are being asked to pay almost 100 per cent more
> even at standard TV resolution.

Well, it certainly was refreshing to read this critique. Seamus obviously
a workable knowledge of both sides, and seems to have made sure that his 
comments have been based on objective observations. I for one will be
filing this one
in the "doesn't need a grain of salt" file. 
One angle that I see regularly is the Spirit vs Ursa cost. It reminds of
all that hoo-haa
concerning Ursa upon it's arrival. "Ohh, but it will cost more..." But then
things all settled down and people saw plusses and minuses and the work
went to whichever was the more applicable Telecine for that application. 
The main difference now, of course, is Makes as opposed to Models.
I think the same will happen here, it's just the figures are bigger. But,
hey, I can remember when 20 cents of mixed lollies got you 10 friends for
the day.... 
(Nowadays they won't let me have lollies in the suite unless there are
clients-something about running costs and budgets.....)
So from an operating point of view, it all just means there are two main
players and two types of Telecines, both of which have their flagship and
both of which, thanks to the Manufacturers, I might one day have a play

How about some updates through the course of time, Seamus, it would be a
pleasure to read a down to earth comparison. You have a good start with
both in the same premises.

Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia

thanks to Ken Robinson, Steve Robinson, and Lynette Duensing 
for support of the TIG in 1997
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