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Re: More with the Aaton-Tim

>  you have to spool down the neg to it (pass 1)
>spool back to the head of the shot (pass 2) roll the VTR and telecine and
>record the sync shot to tape -(pass 3)

You are, of course, correct - I did not include the additional passes up 
and back to retrive the T/C at the tail.  My main point is that tail 
slate syncing with an edit controller such as the TLC with macro 
capability essentially relieve much of the angst we used to deal with.  
Incidentally, I agree with you that chase/lock methods such as the Aaton 
are often an adequate solution.

>. . . who aren't at all interested in you colourists wasting
>time on sound when you should be looking after our pictures!

And John, believe me, we were dragged KICKING AND SCREAMING into the 
syncing process!

Tim Bond

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