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Patchwork pictures

I'm posting this message in both lists because I think it affects us all.

I'm wondering how you all cope with producers/clients even directors on
jobs that are heavy SFX ones.

The jobs where a shot is only being used for what's in the bottom left of
frame, or the top only or whatever.

You know, those shots that looked at in isolation look bloody awful but
the 6 passes are composited together they look great.

How do colorists deal with the cry of "the sky looks awful" when the only
bit of that take that's going to be used is the bottom center.

How do DP's deal with a rushes viewing where they've shot something with a
very small shutter angle to help with keying and the shot therefore
becuase it hasn't had motion blur added yet.


How do you deal with the prats that said you were shit when they come back
couple of weeks later, having seen the processed composited end product,
then say how wonderful you are?

Is it a defence if you are charged with murder?

Geoff Boyle

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