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Re: Patchwork pictures

On 5/9/97 Geoff Boyle wrote:

>How do colorists deal with the cry of "the sky looks awful" when the only
>bit of that take that's going to be used is the bottom center.

The process is the same but the focus is a bit more difficult. You have to
rely on your client a great deal. Hopefully they are telling you what the
salient portions of the image are. Switchers and still stores are also a
great help in covering up all but the essential element to make assessment
somewhat easier and consistent.

>How do you deal with the prats that said you were shit when they come back
>a couple of weeks later, having seen the processed composited end product,
>and then say how wonderful you are?

Smile. Say thank you. Charge them more next time{:-)


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