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Re: tail slates

> Date:          Wed, 7 May 1997 19:39:06 -0700 (PDT)
> From:          johnmcd at iac.net
> To:            telecine at alegria.com
> Cc:            johnmcd at iac.net
> Subject:       Re: tail slates

> I'm learning to include lots of info in my logs. I had a transfer operator
> call to thank me for including film FPS in my notes since speed changes
> weren't noted in the camera report!
Thank you thank you thank you
> Regarding DAT as an audio format:

We typically sync to the video tape after transfer. If the DAT has 
code that matches the smart slate, DAT is no problem, we like 5 
second minimum preroll longer is better.

more deletia........

> Audio folks are as concerned with generation loss as film/video folks are.
> We need all of the help we can get to keep the AD/DA stages to a minimum.

> Some questions:
> Do you like DAT? prefer it? why or why not? Is it faster than 1/4" to
> handle in a sync session? Does it make for faster work when you have to
> deal with lots of short takes? Is 10 seconds enough pre-roll? Is non
> continuous (ie: TOD) time code OK or would you much prefer continuous code
> (ie: use a wired/wireless slate instead of a jammed smart slate when not
> using a TC capable film camera). If you get a DAT recorded at 48.048k
> instead of 48.0k will you go to the trouble of making a digital transfer
> upon-pull down? For those of you dumping into DAW's, are you making digital
> transfers? At what stage do you choose to make an analog transfer if the
> source is 48k and you need to pull down?

DAT doesn't bother us now as much as it use to. Smart Slates help a 
lot. Code matching that slate is good. TOD code is fine, just give us 
enough to preroll with.
Pull down is no problem. The Fostex's we use have a feature we turn 
on for this.  
If we're going to a digital destination, it will be digital. 

> Thanks for any info that will make all of our lives easier. So much that
> gets recorder on set goes of to another place and time to be handled and we
> never hear about it again (usually considered a good thing!).
> jrm
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