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where is Laura Jans?

On May 9, 22:14, ONPRODMAG at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: HELP!

> Rob: I don't see her as an official member of the Telecine users group, but
> do you have any idea where Laura Jans is these days (i.e. what facility?)
> We're doing a women in post thing for the July issue that I'd like to write
> her up on. Thanks. Even rumours would be acceptable at this point. I'll chase
> down the lead.
> Gregory Solman

Gregory, I too don't know where she is, but will post this to the TIG
to see if someone else does.

I recently learned via Lou Levinson that she was living in the house
that collapsed and fell almost on top of my former house, during the
Northridge earthquake a couple of years ago.


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