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Re: what's so hard?


     While there have been many answers to Nicole's question, the One 
I've Been Waiting For hasn't crossed my screen yet, so if I may...

     Nicole, you mentioned that your system utilized projection and a 
video camera.  This is a very old fashioned system by today's 
standards.  Most colorists today are actually threading camera 
original negative on their telecines instead of the prints you system 
uses.  This opens up the extra element of color correction from which 
we get our name.
     Prints have been "timed", or color corrected. at a film lab.  
Generally when projected they will look at least acceptable.  But 
negatives are the raw information of a film shoot, and it is up to us 
to make the blacks black, the whites white, and the greys grey, while 
tweaking each color to be just where the clients want them!  We set 
the depth of the black, the brightness of the whites, and the overall 
contrast.  There are many more handles than the aperture, or "stops", 
your system has.  The more advanced systems allow us to perform 
photographic effects like "dodging and burning", which means we can 
take an area of the picture and make it darker or lighter.  
     So what we do is not at all simple!  We have complete control 
over the the image, just beginning with "setting the stops" and going 
on to balancing the colors, contrast, hues, and tints in any area of 
the frame.  This much control over the picture gives us a multitude 
of options, and we work with our clients to achieve exactly the look 
they want in their film.
     Nicole, I notice you are a student at Temple.  If you would be 
interested in seeing a fully loaded telecine bay, please give me a 
call at (609)482-9090 and we can set up a demo for you.  If there are 
other students interested, they are also welcome (within limits, of 
course!).  I think I can explain it all a little better if you come 
and see for yourself.

Bob Lovejoy
Shooters Post and Transfer
Cherry Hill, NJ

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