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Re: Re; Layering vrs Windowing

Seamus sez:

> Introducing the change and matching gamma
> to the surrouding picture seems to be the key here especially
> on extreme changes.

I agree here, Gamma is the big one!  How do you get on with changing the colour of the object, say 
180 degrees if the object doesn't have sharp edges?

 > Deletia.......  but it gets very difficult
> to envisage an interface and control system that would go 
> beyond these 32 layers. In the same manner increasing the
> amount of regions, on a layer or overall, is not really helpful
> unless the contents can be used independently.

errr....  Could you explain this statement a little more...  I lost you!

> In a similar fashion it must soon be that an object defined
> by full colour parameters, and any other means, is able
> to be identified and tracked as the scene progresses
> without the need for repeated keyframing.  I would
> have thought that the layering approach would be more
> suited to this type of advanced image tracking as it 
> seperates elements in a more logical way.   

I would have thought that you could do this now, just based on the luminance/colour of the object, 
so long as you haven't restricted its region.  I have to say that I don't use the key frames very 
often unless I am doing a special effect on one shot.  I find I can usually get away with "it" 
based on the lum/colour info!  Anyway, I presume you can copy the key frames from layer to layer 
and then modify?   

One more question for you......  Do you see a real difference between layering and windowing?


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