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The new job begins in earnest...

Hi Folks,
     Having been on the job for a week now, the focus shifts.  The 
installation is over, the system is up, and clients are coming.  But 
therein lies a difference.
     Strange things happen to your client relations when you switch 
houses.  Some eagerly follow you, others remain loyal to the old 
place.  Still others try still other facilities, and of those, some 
will stay there.  New clients appear.  It is a time that can be not a 
little unsettling!
     The transfers and demos we did last week went very well. All
of the clients were visibly impressed and enthusiastic about the look 
of the transfers and jobs are starting to book in, but it's not as 
busy as I'd hoped.  (This after one week on line!)  There is still a 
lot more outreaching to do, still more sales effort needed, but I am 
hoping we are off to an OK start.  We are not without some tough 
     My old place dropped their rates for the month from $495 to 
$320/hr.  The other major film transfer facility in the area features 
an FDL-90-cum-Quadra that looks very nice and also has a lower price. 
Some clients may opt not to try the new system at all.  It is clear 
that we will really have to prove ourselves worthy if we are to 
     I left my previous facility because there was no chance of an 
upgrade to the telecine bay at any time.  The telecine is fifteen 
years old, and while it running at spec, the new system simply blows 
it away!  I'm hopeful that my enthusiasm and the improvement in image 
quality will be enough for them to want to spend the extra money to 
transfer here.  Certainly Seamus' experiences in London would 
indicate cause for hope.  Time will tell, but till time tells I'll 
trust the theory theatrically told in "Field of Dreams":  If you 
build it, they will come.  
     Thanks again for letting me share this with all of you.  I'll 
keep you posted!

Bob Lovejoy

thanks to Sam Dlugach, Dean Humphus, & Clark Bierbaum 
for support of the TIG in 1997
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