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Windows in brief

Thanks to Seamus for his in depth explanation of DCP

In short, by comparison da Vinci has 2 primary processors, and 2 secondary

Each secondary processor has 6 fixed and 9 programmable (variable) vectors.

The 2 primaries, and the 2 secondaries are independent and combined via
windows  which mix or wipe  gradings together

Traditionally windows can be generated from 3 sources: A simple box, a
switcher type generator of 20+ shapes and softness, a key input.One window
type for primaries and one for secondaries is selected.

With Edwin windows can be generated from :  a switcher type generator of
20+ shapes and softness; an improved key input with upper and lower
thresholds; a vector based generator which can be based on either of the
previous 2 window types, or a user defined library of shapes, or drawn
freehand on screen. Any or all of the window types may be applied to
primaries and or secondaries as either a window or a mask. Each window type
is independently trackable in its own list.

I appreciate that many were unable to see the full demo at NAB, but hope
this is a useful precis.

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