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Re: tail slates

In a message dated 97-05-09 23:28:32 EDT, Steve D. wrote:

<< Pull down is no problem. The Fostex's we use have a feature we turn 
 on for this.   If we're going to a digital destination, it will be digital.

Just out of curiosity, when you go digital-to-digital during an audio layback
session, how do you cope with the issue of sample rate?  It's no problem in
PAL, but for NTSC, the sample rate of the pulled-down audio ends up below the
range for digital  recorders to lock to.  The DAT machines I am familiar with
do not correct the digital output sample rate when the playback speed is
varied.  Even if one was made that had a built-in sample rate converter, I'd
be disinclined to use it, since the process of sample rate correction is far
from trivial--particularly as the tape speed varies--and more likely to
introduce artifacts and noise into a signal than simply going analog to

Christopher Bacon

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