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Windows, layers and masks

I've just been following the discussion that has been going on about the
advantages and strenghts of the
various systems that we currently have in our market.As Kevin Shjaw pointed
,the last thing we want is to get into a situation of "who's bigger than
who's"(pardon the expression) , unfortunately this almost becomes
unavoidable as logically,everyone ends up defending the gear they use.Being
a Pogle Dcp/Esr user, I'll just state the advantages I personally see in
their system.I have always loved the high level of competition and quality
of products from Pogle and Da Vinci which ultimately ends up as we ( the
colourists )  being the winners. I'll just keep my comments short and
The great advantage I see in the layering is that an area can be selected
and even within that area one can further isolate regions  based on
luminance, hue  or saturation ; simultaneously or independently. As an
example , one could affect a sky without affecting  the clouds , or
vice-versa..But generally, the 3 layers  would be used the same way as the
windows, bacically using them as soft or hard edged wipes over different
regions of a screen .
Being a Pogle user I would have to say that the layers are simpler for me
to use , and thus quicker - a personal opinion which I am entitled to (
sorry for stealing your line Kevin ).But let's be honest , no matter which
system you use , it ultimately comes down to the  lady or man behind the
machine.I hope this whole discussion has been based on an informative
level, and not as a marketing tool for the manufacturers.

Les Rudge

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for support of the TIG in 1997
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