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Who's in Charge Here??

Well, the way I see it, the room is mine and the film is the client's. I let
the client know right off the bat that I'm going to correct the first scene
my way. Then it's their turn to set the stage for that scene and the rest of
the session. I let them know what is technically "legal". They know their
film and the look they wish to achieve. 90% of the time when the clients, I
deal with, know that they are part of the process, an amazing thing happens.
A free exchange of ideas between me and the client occurs. Compromises are
made, ideas are exchanged, some experimentation happens. Everybody's
creative "juices" are stirred. I sleep well at night, they sleep well at
night. They pay their bill on time. Most importantly, they come back. I've
done it for 20 years that way. If that makes me a "mechanic down the hall",
I'll take my tools and make pretty pictures the client is happy with.

Bruce W. Goldstein 

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