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Kevin sets us right

Kevin Shaw wrote me the following for submission to the group... as a
way of correcting some impressions held by TIG subscribers.  

"I would like to assure all subscribers that I, Kevin Shaw, am a truly
independent freelance telecine colorist, consultant and instructor and have
been so September 1995. In 1996 I formed a limited company "Kanvas, Film
and Video Ltd." in order to continue as a true independent.  I am available
for work at any company anywhere in the world, and in 1997 alone, have
worked for a variety of companies in London, Spain, Switzerland, Bangkok,
Hong Kong and the USA. Whilst I appreciate that many subscribers only see
or meet me at da Vinci courses, user groups or trade shows, it should be
understood that I am contracted by them only as an outside
consultant/demonstrator for these specific occasions. My views and opinions
are not influenced by da Vinci nor should they be construed as being
approved of by da Vinci.  My views and opinions are based on my own
experience,and in no way intentionally reflect those of any other person or
company. Anybody wishing to know more about me or my activities should
visit my web site at

I value the help and information contributed to TIG and firmly support Robs
(very minimal) regulation of it. I had hoped that my own contributions were
taken as useful and informative and am upset to learn that there are some
who believe that I have ulterior motives."

----end of KS comments---
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