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[Fwd: CML: Kodak Cinematographers Telecine evaluation kit]

This is hitting the mark on the cinematographers' list at the moment -
any comments from telecine people? 
For those who haven't seen it, Kodak are currently promoting two kits -
one for cinematographers and one for telecine set-ups. Each consists of
a 18% grey card, actual and on exposed onto standard negative stocks,
with instructions on how to light it, or set up levels on telecine to
reproduce it. Then you put up the neg that you have to transfer, and get
a level reading off a grey card exposed on the front of the roll. There
is a set of look-up tables that converts the grey card reading to
printer light corrections as a measure of what's actually on the
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I don't know if anyone else has this, or has seen it.

I'm going to have to be very careful how I write this.

I love the whole idea of being able to get a real idea of the actual density
of a neg during a TK process and the exposure reference film and chart do
give me this, but in a real world siruation this will only work with a
system like greyfinder. Nobody is going to sit there with conversion charts
trying to work out the exposure.

The slide rule?, well my comments are unprintable, it goes against nearly
everything |I've learned about neg response, it says I'll get less shadow
response from a TK transfer from neg than I will from a print for

That is such nonsense I just can't believe that it's on the scale!, I
remeber shooting tests of '98 with Kodak when it came out and being very
embaresed at the screenings of the tests because my stuff had no highlight
or shadow detail, yet when we came to TK it the detail was all there and the
stuff looked great.

The EV software is something else again, I thought I'd stepped in a time
warp, I was running a Dell Latitude with Win 95 wasn't I, I hadn't suddenly
slipped back 15 years to an original IBM PC 8088 system had I.

Well the software looked as if I had.

Come on Kodak!, a great idea but get real, it's a clunky DOS prog that a
schoolkid coild have knocked together 15 years ago!.

Geoff Boyle

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