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Re: From the other side

On 5/15/97 Steven Gladstone wrote:

>	It disturbs me that there seems to be this prevailing thought where some
>the  postings here are saying in effect, "hey these guys don't know
>I'm going to steer them my Way." 

Steven, get a sense of humor!  No one is saying that clients don't know what
they're doing!              You take my words out of context and make me
sound like some sort of prima donna.  Yes, some colorists can have a bit of
a "saviour" attitude, no doubt, but that is not me at all.    
I found Chris Bacon's "Pop Quiz" very amusing and I thought I might ad my 2
cents to the
mix.  If you'll notice I ended it with "if that doesn't work, I get out the
wrenches and screwdrivers and give them what they want".  Obviously the
client has shot the film and is trying to acheive a certain look, and it is
our job to reproduce that look as closely as possible, but we also have a
skill to reproduce that look in many different ways, and it's our duty to
give the client as much of our creative imagination as we can muster.  Most
of the dp's I've worked with want the colorist's input, even consider it
another "tool" of their trade.  What I like to do most is come up with a
picture that looks good to me, show it to the client, if they want it
changed, I'll save it in a buffer and then we can go back to it and compare.
  You'd be surprised how often we go back to what I originally had.  In the
end, our clients pay the bills, and it would very self defeating not to
please them. 
A good colorist knows how to please the client while allowing room for
his/her own creativity.  That's what "people skills" are all about.

Phil Voss

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mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage