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re:Kevin sets us right

Kevin Shaw wrote,

>I value the help and information contributed to TIG and firmly support Robs
>(very minimal) regulation of it. I had hoped that my own contributions were
>taken as useful and informative and am upset to learn that there are some
>who believe that I have ulterior motives."

What happened to the notion of having rights to express ones own opinion
(and experience, know-how, etc.).
Kevins recent comments in this forum reflect his experiences, knowledge, and
biases, and nothing more.  I did not take his comments as commercial
propaganda from a manufacturer.  
I, for one, have worked for the same manufacturer and have my personal
experiences and biases and I don't feel restrained from expressing them. 

Kevin, I appreciate the information you've presented recently on windows,
layers, and specifically, EDWIN, and find it informative, and would even
welcome an on-line discussion of other color corrector related topics
specific to a manufacturer, though not necessarily in this TIG.  That's how
ideas get put into action.  And no matter how much you may disagree with a
concept, or approach, it's still an idea that's worth considering.  We're
all big boys and girls here and can think for ourselves.   I don't feel
unduly influenced by one man's opinion on color correction any more than I
feel influenced by one man's politics.

Dean Humphus

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