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Turning A Corner

Hello again,
     At the outset I'd like to thank everyone who has sent letters of 
interest and encouragement.  Undergoing this transition publicly has 
made it even more significant for me, and judging from the kind 
responses I've had from list members, many of you have been 
interested in these events as well.  Your support has truly helped me 
through this most unusual time.
     Let's see - as we left last time, it was revealed that my former 
employer has been calling my clients attempting to dissuade them from 
coming over.  At least with some clients, this technique has 
backfired.  One fellow stated they told him that my replacement was 
both faster and better than I.  As he had worked with me before he 
found this incomprehensible and yesterday booked a large archival 
job!  I got a particular kick out of that news, as the owners at my 
former facility had repeatedly asked me, over the nine years I was 
there, to try to stretch out the sessions for more billing time.  
     At the new place, we do not plan on responding to those charges. 
Our plan is simply to get people in to see film on the machine.  
Anyone who cares a smidgen about image quality will be and has been 
sold on the spot.
     What is proving to be the key element in the growth of the new 
room is having D.P.s come and see it!  Over the past two weeks we've 
had several D.P.s in, and their reaction to the suite has been 
extremely strong.  They have been strong forces in bringing in the 
producers and agency people.
     As the subject line says, we are turning a corner.  While the 
first two weeks were not particularly busy, our schedule is beginning 
to pick up!  Word is spreading through town of the clean crisp 
pictures we can make, and the bookings are starting to come in!
     Over the past nine years, I strove to give my best with the 
equipment I had on hand.  My clients recognized this and returned 
again and again.  Moving to a new facility, I had expected most of 
them to follow.  Certainly there would be those who would not, for 
reasons of convenience or budget.
     It is still too soon to say what the reality will be.  We are 
certainly attracting clients from the old place, but there are also 
new clients coming in I'd not known before.  Word is still spreading.
The nicest thing that happened so far occurred yesterday, when a D.P. 
who had been a regular client at the old place stopped by for a demo 
and was duly wowed.  He told me that as wonderful as the new 
equipment was, the best thing for him was that I was running it.  He 
said that bought continuity to it.
     That kind of statement can make a week!
     Meanwhile, I am becoming more and more comfortable with the new 
interface.  I'm starting to learn what effects to use when, and I 
really impressed a client with a custom curve! (One of those dark 
scenes that needed a little stretch...).  There are still some things 
I haven't used yet in session, but I know the time will come.  
     And I continue to admire the workings of a modern facility.  
The digital age has wrought wonders the likes of which I'd not seen 
before.  And routers are a nifty concept!
     Ok that's it for now.  As ever, watch this space for more 
updates.  But I think it safe to say the era of transition is 
passing, and ahead lies the business of growing the room.  After a 
fairly quiet start, it appears that we are on track.  Thanks again to 
everyone for bearing with us thus far; there will certainly be more 
news but it's safe to say that the corner has been turned and we are 
on a straight path.
     My best wishes to each of you!

Bob Lovejoy

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