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re:Kevin sets us right

> Kevin, I appreciate the information you've presented recently on windows,
> layers, and specifically, EDWIN, and find it informative, and would even
> welcome an on-line discussion of other color corrector related topics

Phew, Dean.....  Well expressed.....

I 100% agree.  I really continued this thread because I think that there are 
many people who don't have all the information regarding new technologies 
either from dV or the others.  dV has such a tight old on the market in the US, 
and I think I know why, that really other manufacturers don't get a chance!

I have great respect for Kevin, (I don't necessarily agree with him) and really 
even if he was being paid by dV I would still continue the discussion (so long 
as it isn't boring anybody).  Actually, if Kevin was being paid by dV, I doubt 
very much he would be allowed to express his opinions on the forum!

So if people are interested, lets go further.....  I also think that the 
manufacturers are probably quite interested to see what people think as well.

One person will not change the direction of a manufacturer after they have 
invested large quantities of money into a project.  However, future 
modifications and competition will do us all good.

So, Bob Festa.....  A comment would be nice, as to see if the information being 
discussed is what you wanted to hear about!


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