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Re: From the other side

In regards to Steven Gladstone's comments :

>It disturbs me that there seems to be this prevailing thought where       >some of the  postings here are saying in effect, "hey these guys don't >>>>know anything, I'm going to steer them my Way." 

I'd like to make some brif observations. 

Although I haven't color corrected in a while, I did spend many long
hours in the seat for over 15 years, and that was after over 10 years as
an editor. One of the cardinal rules in color correcting as well as
editing is to give the ATTENDING client what he/she wants. If it was
legal I would always try to read between the lines and get the look/feel
that was desired. This was never my will imposed over theirs. Most of
the time the DP or the director could not attend the session and either
the agency or editorial creatives would call the shots as they saw fit.
If they asked my opinion, I would gladly offer it. Every scene can be
enhanced / corrected many many different ways, and there is no "the
right way" in my opinion.

Sure we occasionaly get film that may not be exposed or lit optimally,
but that's what we do for a living, try to achive on the very limited
television CRT the look that the client had in mind for the viewer to

Anyway Steven, most of us in the business are here to make your wish
come true, all you have to do is ask. 

Howie Burch
Nice Shoes

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