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RE: 24 F.P.S. and PAL

Mike Most, Encore Video, L.A. wrote

>>If you're cutting on an Avid with film options, simply telecine in PAL
at 25 FPS and tell the Avid to play it back and cut at 24FPS. I would,
however, check with whatever facility is doing the video transfer
regarding sound sync.<<

At present,  Avid seem to be recommending that you sync the sound in
the cutting room so that the essential link to the original audio time code
can be maintained in the Avid database.

If you use Lightworks,  we sync up sound to the 25fps tapes which
includes speeding up the original sound to match the speed increase of the
video transfer.   We then generate a Lightworks .ODB file which shows
the correlationship between the original audio timecode and the sync
material on the PAL video tape.    This file is loaded into Lightworks at
digitisation and Lightworks can then generate the appropriate EDL's for
dubbing editors.

We can also generate an Avid .ALE file with the same information but
we haven't had any takers yet on Film Composer :-).

Its also advisable to lay down 3 line VITC on your video transfers
which allows the editor to match the relevant keycode information to the
start times on our .ODB file.

Jim Guthrie
Sprockets & Bytes Ltd.
Bristol/Denham. UK

  E-mail from: Jim Guthrie, 18-May-1997

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