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Shooting 25fps locally

Excellent chart, Tim, on the various transfer scenarios.

We also receive frequent inquiries about the best production methods to
prepare for a PAL transfer of material that is shot locally.  As a telecine
facility, we prefer to recommend the "simplest" method (for us) which is to
run the camera at 25fps and a sound element with 25fps EBU code.  The
immediate complaint, of course, pertains to the problems with
photographed-in flicker due to the 60hz lights.

I was apprised, at one point, that this problem can be mitigated by using a
150 degree shutter angle in the camera during photography.  Unfortunately,
I don't have the hands-on experience to know if this fully eliminates the
flicker condition, or introduces other problems. Does anyone here (or
perhaps one of our DP friends) have solid information?

Larry Andrick, Technical Services Manager
FotoKem Film & Video, Burbank, CA
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