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Re: 24 F.P.S. and PAL

Subject:     Re: 24 F.P.S. and PAL
Sent:        05/20/97 7:48 PM
To:          Spence Burton, sburton at henninger.com

>Where does the 4% speed up of the film come from? If the film is shot and 
>transfered to PAL at 25 fps in the 60 hz environment (before the Avid 
>load in 50 hz environment), won't the action appear to take place at the 
>same speed on video as it did on film?
>  I thought the 4% speed up came when transfering at 25fps film that was 
>shot at 24fps. Am I missing something?

Ooops!  Correctimundo!

Right you are Spence, the 4% speed up mentioned in the 3rd paragraph in 
fact only occurs in method #2.  I am at a loss as to why I mentioned it.  
Thanks for pointing it out!

>  Also, do you have any insight into the question of what happens to a 
>tape that is recorded on a PAL deck referenced to 60hz that is then 
>played back on a PAL deck referenced to 50hz? No change? Or do you have 
>control track problems.
>Thanks for your time.
>Spence Burton

I am unfamiliar with this method, and I don't believe that it is 
possible; comments anyone?  It does seem as though you may be trying to 
understand a concept.  Could you try posing the question differently?

Tim Bond

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