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Re: 24 F.P.S. and PAL

What Spence is talking about is called an "off speed" transfer.In a 
nutshell, it works like this: 

Step 1. Transfer Pix and audio at 25 fps (no it does not matter if 
the material was shot at 24 or 25 fps) onto a D1 or DCT machine at 
655/50 Hz (Pal).

2. Use the special "offspeed" playback  mode to playback the 50 Hz 
tape at 48Hz.

3. Use either the Digitalvision or Sony Anamorphic format converter 
to vertically resample the 655 line master down to 525 lines, and 
insert 3:2 pulldown sequence.

4. Since the offspeed playback is slowed down 4%, the audio must be 
cross-resolved to the new 59.94 Hz timebase and pitch corrected.

5. Enjoy your newly created NTSC master with all the correct 
geometry, pans/scans, and grading as the original Pal transfer, but 
you only transferred the film once!
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