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Ivor Westpfahl wrote:
> It was great news to read about Dave Satin's mail on off speed
> transfers.
> Is anyone who is using the Digitalvision or Sony Anamorphic converter
> doing transfers that have keykodes and other vertical interval
> information that have to be retained?

Dave did a fine job describing the process. There are a few things I
would like to clairify. We use the Digital Vision AFC device here quite
often. Sony has talked about and demonstrated their 3232 converter
however I dont beleive you could demo one or buy one right now. If you
can please let me know. 

We try to transfer all 24fps material, with client aproval, in only a
625 ( not 655 ) pan and scan and a 625 anamorphic 16:9 in the origanal
film format ie. 1.85, 2.35. Then format convert through the Digital
Vision a 525 pan and scan from the 625 pan and scan, and a 625
letterbox, 525 letterbox and 525 anamorphic 16:9 from the 625
anamorphic. This gives you 6 tapes out of 2. You could, using the
Digital Vision pan and scan out of the anamorphic but your horizontal
resolution decreases.

I have not tested the vertical interval but I do not beleive that it is
passed through the unit. We have no need to transfer it because the time
code changes (EBU to SMPTE) and we do not wish to track keycode through
this system. 

The speed warp on this process is 4.1%. I track it in frames. The 625 is
played back slow at 23.976 fps and a 3:2 is inserted to create a 29.976
525. Thus your audio is picthed down from 25fps to 23.976fps. 4% for the
25 to 24 pull down and .1% for the 24 to 23.976 pull down. This will be
usefull for your audio guys if you do laybacks later.

We have another version of this where we playback the 625 at normal
speed and by making a modified 3:2 sequence (3:2:3:2:2 I believe) create
a 525 with no speed warp. All of these are mini downconversions and work
out quite well. You dont have to deal with the 3:2 editing either.

Happy Speed Warping
Howard Lukk
Internional Video Conversions
Burbank, CA. USA

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