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Color space Police!

   Many of the issues in color space don't apply to the telecine suite as 
much as the do to transmission. The telecine suite is usually working in YUV 
space which has the broadest possible color space (independant chroma/luma, 
signals can be positive or negative however the chroma signals are 
bandwidth limited). The next stage is RGB space (subset of YUV, positive 
signals only, interdependant chroma/luma, full bandwidth components). The 
final stage in the US is NTSC where the chroma components are modulated onto 
a 3.579545mhz subcarrier which is then impressed upon the luminance signal. 
The limitations of those subcarrier and luminance amplitudes are due to the 
AM TV transmitters used for broadcast as well as the ability of composite 
analog vtrs to reproduce the signal.
   So, the bottom line is - where do you want to be legal? RGB (any computer 
platform - Flame, Mac, etc.) or Composite (Broadcast, etc.)? The best bet is 
to determine your end user and work with their requirements.

Rich Torpey

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