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Re: Color space Police!

>When I approached this individual about his intentions I was informed, "
>The  >preview and program color monitors didn't match color wise so I
>thought I'd try >to make them closer." It is my sincere hope that this
>individual is now
>a cashier at K-Mart and rides the bus to work!

That's funny, when I was at K-Mart and the price of a Snickers bar didn't
match my wallet, I too tried to make them closer. The Snickers Police
didn't see the logic of it all, so maybe your erstwhile friend would better
off dispensing Happy Meals from the sanctity of a drive through.

I remember my first delayed reaction as a colorist when, after going
through my first supervised session with a roomfull of clients, how the
"lead operator" where I was a tape op would routinely adjust ColorTec
(superceded in coolness only by EdiTec) because he didn't think the Conrac
monitor looked right while he was making 1000 dubs to be sent all over the
country. My first session finally ended and I almost fell out of my seat
thinking back about that guy.


"Too much of everything is just enough"

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