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Color space Police!

        We at Tektronix have a collection of application notes on various 
aspects of this subject.  E-mail me your mailing address and I'll send them 

     One one my rainy-day projects is to write a single application note 
covering these numerous color gamut issues once and for all, in more depth 
than we have in previous app notes.  Sounds like I should pray for rain.  

Our current app notes cover color gamuts in one format or another, but do 
not yet get into the real problems and issues of the varying (and 
incompatible) limits encountered as one progresses through numerous tape 
and electrical formats as one goes from original film through all sorts of 
component editing and eventual crappy NTSC broadcast.

    I have drafted an app note on the new Arrowhead (scope) display.  I 
need to proofread it and move on to publishing.

Ken Rockwell
kenneth.r.rockwell at tek.com

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