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More on 24 fps

When mastering in HDTV (which you all will be doing before too long!) we
use another slant on the use of 24 fps offspeed recorders. HDTV is
currently a 30 or 29.97 interlaced format. So we still (unfortunately)
record a 3/2 field sequence on tape. We then use down conversion technology
to create simultaneous 525 and 625 masters. 

The 625 process strips off the "3" out of the 3/2 sequence leaving us with
a true 24 frame path that is recorded at the offspeed rate on our
DVR-2000's.  When played back at 25 fps we now have a deliverable product.

The audio for all this is sample rate converted for the appropriate 525 and
625 masters so we don't deal with the large pitch correction issues.

Once the HDTV master is approved by the client the creation of all 525 and
625 masters becomes a dubbing and QC job that saves TONS of time on the
telecine itself. The 525 and 625 masters created are of superior quality
and we can archive the film in HDTV for future (next year???) markets, and
that HDTV master tape can feed any ATV format.

Sony Culver City uses this process as well,  as does IVC in Burbank. I
think it will soon become the norm rather than the exception.

Ron Martin
Universal High Definition Telecine Center / DVD Center
rlmarti at unistudios.com

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