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The Clients have their say...

Hello again,
     All in All, it's all the same,
     But call me if there's any change
               (Procol Harum)

     The new system, up and running for three weeks now, has been 
quite busy the last few days.  Yesterday's big job was a promo 
package for a local station, and it did indeed look wonderful.  But 
some things do not change with new hardware!  I'm sure all of us have 
heard the following phrase at _least_ once:
     "You know, that red looks a little orange..."
     1.7 million dollars and we are still at the mercy of the NTSC 
     Anyway, we got by, and the finished spots look excellent (save 
for a slightly magenta red tone the client preferred!).  The new 
tools provided by the system came in very handy - one scene, shot on 
a grey day, was given a bright blue sky thanks to the Key In feature, 
and Power Windows - don't know how anyone can get by without them.  
Clients down here who have never seen these tools before are doing 
cartwheels.  And the telecine itself is far from slouchness:  Today's 
big session was mostly 35mm, but there was one roll of 16mm at the 
end.  You could have heard the dropping jaws hit the floor when the 
16 came up looking about as good as the 35!
     Things are picking up, and in our third week of operation it 
appears our billing will exceed our expenses.  May it remain at this 
exalted state.
     This is a fitting time to end this series.  My thanks to 
everyone for their support during this time of change.  It looks like 
we're off and running.  The corner has been turned, the venue has 
changed, the story is completed.  I shall of course keep you posted 
of any further interesting developments, and I look forward to being 
an actively passive TIG member.  I'd especially like to thank the 
Engineering staff at Shooters, without whose hard work I'd still be 
figuring out where the A.C. outlets were.  As I'm sure all of you 
know, your chief engineer is your best friend at any facility.  This 
is rightly so.
     To summarize the gist of the experience:  For those of you 
toiling in the trenches, there is hope.  Just keep doing your very 
best, bend over backwards for your clients - give them more than what 
they ask for, and you may someday find yourselves in my shoes (in 
which case I apologize, though I do change my socks daily).  For those 
of you (gasp! us) already working with top-end equipment, treasure 
what you have and marvel at its abilities.  Pinch yourself now and 
then (life could be a dream, sh-boom).
     OK then, thanks for bearing with me through all this.  As ever, 
I'll be around the list hopefully answering as many questions as I 
ask.  Take care everyone, I hope I get to NAB one of these times and 
get to meet more of you in person.  Meanwhile, my best wishes to 
everyone that their dreams come true as mine did.  I am still 
pinching myself daily, and so far it's not a dream!

Bob Lovejoy

PS - that young lady from Temple never got in touch with me. 
(sigh)... The offer will remain open.     

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