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Re: Color space Police!

Barcodd at aol.com wrote:
> The only guarantee for true color reproduction is to stay within the RGB
> color space.  Remember that a color may be legal in one color space and
> become illegal when transcoded to another color space.  Therefore it is
> better to use the term "valid" color.  A color in any color space is a valid
> color if and only if it is legal when transcoded to the RGB format.
> <snip>

	Ideally, we should only be concerned about RGB color space violations. 
The broadcasters are of course more concerned about violations of
composite video. We could start yet another long thread about exactly
what those limits are.  I've seen material leave our facility that had
some mightily washed out highlights, just because the client insisted on
following their interpretation of what the allowable chroma levels
should be.
	Of course, when DTV becomes a reality, "Any day now (TM)", we'll be
able to go back to just worrying about the more clearly defined
RGB/YCrCb limits.

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