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Re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

Veenotph at aol.com wrote:

> I'm wondering if it is possible that when transfering footage to PAL, that at
> the Same time do a dub off to NTSC.
> This dub would NOT be used for Editing, or conforming the neg. I just like
> getting copies of the Dailies I shoot.
> IS this possible?, or are we talking a conversion here that would run me much
> dollars, and give artifacting? i would like to be able to do it at the same
> time the PAL Master is being made.

The problem lies not so much in having a converter straped in line while
you are doing the transfer but in the ability to have an editor
communicate to a NTSC/SMPTE and PAL/EBU machine at the same time. There
are only a few audio editors that can do this and no telecine editors
that I'am aware of that can. You could have an assist press record on
your NSTC copy if you are just doing check cassettes if they are not
tied up with other things. 
The quality of the conversion can be anywhere from transparent to a 2
field motion blurred nightmare. You get what you pay for. (Translated;
you'll pay many dollars for a transparent conversion) You could get away
with a 4 field conversion if you do not mind blured images on cuts and
fast motion. 
This is not a common practice however. It would be more practical to do
conversions after the transfer. Check with the facility that you intend
to work with.

Howard Lukk

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