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Re: " What is a Senior Colorist "

What is a Senior Colorist?

Let me see if I can give a reasonable answer to this question.  Usually, it
means the colorist who's working the day shift, in the company's most
technically advanced room, who handles the most demanding clients, and
usually, but not always, has the most experience and longest tenure. 
Sometimes the Senior colorist looks after the telecine department, evaluates
and recommends equipment purchases, and helps to train new staff.
Most, if not all of the above applies to Senior colorists.

Phil Voss

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>Subject: " What is a Senior Colorist "
>Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 23:12:09 -0400 (EDT)
> I have a question maybe someone out there can answer. What in the hell is
>                   " Senior Colorist "?. 
>Newworld Dictionary lists " Senior " as:
>            1.Of higher rank or longer service.
>            2.One who is older, of higher rank.
>            3 A student in the last year of High school or College.
>     Number two is the most interesting to me: " One who is older " does
>mean because Im 45 and the oldest Colorist in our facility that I can
>that the oldest colorist is the " Senior " ?.
>     Take number one: " Of higher Rank ". Can we move to a higher rank as
>If this is the case why dont we have General Colorists, Captain Colorists,
>Sergeant Colorists. Personally I like the Captain Colorist, it has a
>ring to it like some action hero out of a comic book.
>I would love to be introduced to a new client as " This is Rick Stephenson
>will be your Captain Colorist for todays session ". 
>It seems to me that as Colorists we all do pretty much the same job. Why is
>it then that some of us seem to need a status symbol to hang on too that
>hopefully will elevate us to a higher plane as a Colorist?.
>Shakespeare said: " Whats in a name? A rose by any other name would still
>smell as sweet ".
>As for now I think I will just be a " Colorist " and maybe someday I can
>acheive Godhood in my field and become a " Senior ". I can only hope and
>This is just my opinion and I do have one. I can ramble on with the best of
>All You Need Is Love
>Rick Stephenson
>"Captain Colorist"
>The Filmworkers Club/Dallas
> " And in the end, the love you take
>    is equal to the love you make "
>               The Beatles
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mailinglist digest available......posting guidelines on the webpage