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Re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

Sorry folks, my last posting got away before I finished it!

Anyway, since technology that could allow both PAL and NTSC tapes to be
recorded simultaneously from the same telecine transfer is still just
emerging, there is no practical choice at present but to standards-convert
one of the tapes, or do two transfers.

Since you indicated that your particular needs are a NTSC tape just for
viewing, not logging or editing into anything else later on, a "down and
dirty" way that has proven satisfactory in many cases is to dub your PAL
transfer through one of those Panasonic "World Wide" multistandard VHS
machines to make a NTSC copy.  Some facilities have the machines available
for when such needs arise, or you can probably find a local consumer video
shop that offers such "conversions."  It's a lot less expensive than a full
broadcast quality standards conversion or a second transfer, and the
artifacts going from PAL to NTSC aren't nearly as noticeable as the reverse
since there is no 3:2 sequence to disentangle.

P.S. Since the "World Wide" VHS is not editor-controllable, and no known edit
controllers run both 25 and 30 fps tape machines in the same session
simultaneously, there's no way to avoid doing the dub after the PAL transfer.

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Video

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