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Film stocks and transfering

	First off, thank you for all the replies about doing an NTSC transfer at the
same time as a PAL transfer.
	New question ----- As colorists, do you find it to be beneficial for you to
have different stocks grouped together during the transfer? Or in English. If
youare transfering a project that has been shot on two different stocks, such
as 52/7277, and 52/7245. When you get the lab flats to TELECINE, does it
matter if they are mixed together, ie. half the roll is **77, and the other
I've kind of begun to hear that every filmstock reacts a little differently
on the Telecine, and I was wondering if grouping together stocks, so you
don't have to keep adjusting your "base" correction back and forth, would
help. Or is this not really an issue? What do you guys prefer? How would You
like to have the rolls sent from the lab?

Steven Gladstone

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