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re:Color Space Police

>       Ideally, we should only be concerned about RGB color space violations.
> The broadcasters are of course more concerned about violations of
> composite video.

        I disagree - Ideally, we should be concerned with where the output of
the telecine suite will be going. If it is eventually destined for broadcast
the material should be broadcast legal from the telecine suite forward. The
alternative is to make some video that looks great in RGB in telecine.  Then
someone down the line (graphics, edit, duplication, broadcast) gets stuck
making the material broadcastable/recordable and that poor soul has to explain
to the agency guy why his product shot with those beautiful glowing reds now
looks so dull.
        Telecine is one (very important) part of the process and all the parts
must work together to get decent quality pictures onto the home viewers TV.

Rich Torpey

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