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Re: Film stocks and transfering

Veenotph at aol.com wrote:
> When you get the lab flats to TELECINE, does it
> matter if they are mixed together, ie. half the roll is **77, and the other
> half**45?
> I've kind of begun to hear that every filmstock reacts a little differently
> on the Telecine, and I was wondering if grouping together stocks, so you
> don't have to keep adjusting your "base" correction back and forth, would
> help. Or is this not really an issue? What do you guys prefer? How would You
> like to have the rolls sent from the lab?
> Steven Gladstone

IMHO, it doesn't matter with today's color corrector's.  With basemems,
scratchpads, notes, or whatever you call them.  You can get back to a
previous correction with the push of a button or mouse click.  Although,
it is nice to have everything grouped together by stock type to speed
things up.  Also, newer colorist are usually the ones doing dailies, and
dealing with this issue more than a seasoned mastering colorist.  It
helps the inexperienced colorist go faster and keep a more consistent

Shaley Brooks
Anderson Video/ 4MC

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