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Colorist needed NYC

Telecine Operator
Major established NYC Post Facility seeks Telecine Operator for
rapidly growing department.  Rank, DaVinci, Time Logic.  E Mail or fax
leter and resume to the following.  (Any attached files should be
saved as Word 7.0 or less for PC).
Craig Bierman
E Mail:   Craig240 at aol.com
Fax:        (212) 819-1282

Rob Lingelbach          |  2660 Hollyridge Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068
rob at alegria.com  	| "I care not much for a man's religion whose dog or 
rob at info.com		|  cat are not the better for it."  --Abraham Lincoln
rob at cloister.org		KB6CUN   http://www.alegria.com

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