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Re: Film stocks and transfering

Okay now I'm confused, so I will re-slate.

This project that I'm doing, it will be short film, Probably only a dailies
transfer, as we intending to edit non-linearly, and then conform neg.
We may be shooting Two different film stocks, and the scenes shot with the
different stocks, are meant to have a very different look from each other.
I'm planning on having the lab rolls be consistent, and not mix stocks in the
lab flats. 
I was wondering if This was usefull to colorists? I get that it really
doesn't make much of a difference, with the ability to save settings, etc.
etc. etc..
I just wanted to know if anyone had a preference, if getting the film this
way was something they would appreciate?
Does it help to have the stock listed (in Big numbers) on the slate, so it is
easy to tell when to go back to the Base correction.
Or am I just Trying to "HELP" you guys/gals into on-rushing traffic.
Steven (this communication thing is sooo tough) Gladstone

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