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re:Color Space Police

Rich Torpey seems to me to have hit the nail on the head. You poor
colorists have to find a way of explaining to the client who wants it to
look beautiful in the telecine room that it won't look beautiful when it
gets home.

As the average product manager of, say, automobiles understands nothing
about the science of colour (otherwise they would never have launched teal
blue cars, let alone tried to advertise them on television) this seems to
me to be quite a challenge. Is it possible to simulate the target medium on
the monitor, at the press of a button, when required?

Audio studios regularly include a pair of really indifferent speakers to
simulate what your precious album might sound like when it gets home. On
the other hand, in my audio days, I explained this function to a singer who
promptly insisted we mixed on them all the time. He was Irish, as I recall.

Dick Hobbs

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