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re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

>P.S. Since the "World Wide" VHS is not editor-controllable, and no 
>known edit
>controllers run both 25 and 30 fps tape machines in the same session
>simultaneously, there's no way to avoid doing the dub after the PAL 

While not "frame accurate" on the standards converted recorder, the TLC 
can controll VTRs in both 525 and 625.  Make sure the telecine or 
source VTR and the TLC have the same sync reference.  The recorder with 

the "non-synchronous" sync reference should have the TLC 
synchronization disabled with *SYN=30.  Simple trial and error will get 
you close at the edit point.  

Without actually knowing what the converter is doing with fields and 
frames, it is pretty difficult to be "field sequence" accurate.

And I am curious.  Just how many people need this sort of capability on 
a regular basis?  This series of postings is not the first I have heard 
of this request.

Thanks.  Gary Adams

**thanks to Steve Harman, Lorne Miess, Mel Wunder, and Richard Cassel 
for support of the TIG in 1997
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