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Re: Slides

Does anyone have an idea how to program a slide?
Color, pan & scan and such?
How do you fool the Da Vinci, if there is no film rolling on the Rank?

It's after the fact, but suggestions are welcome!

- Kay.

Hi, Kay,
All I've done in the past is to activate the Simulator (in Interface
options) and this gives me a movable timeline
in which to seperate by event marks each grade.,
Then I created a macro to speed up the process by automatically inserting
marks ad infinitum until I said "that's enough".
I used to make these marks 1 frame apart but the davinci had some trouble
there, I can't remember what, and it was a b... to scroll., so now  I have
polished the system and created some double checking for myself as well. 
If I'm required to put down, say, 15 secs of each slide, on a tape with
first starting at 01:00:00:00
I make each event 15 secs long with my counter starting at 01:00:00:00 as
well. Then you have a direct relationship between slide and tape and you
can always know that you have moved to the next event before you start
correcting again for the next slide. Before this, in the sometimes tedious
swing of this, I was forgetting to move to the next event, therefore losing
the last slide's grade.
This also means that by subtracting 1 from the davinci scene id line you
have the slide number that they always write on the slide for the order to
transfer, for follow up later on.
And, lo and behold, another macro, simply hit it to record another 15 secs
onto tape. (on TLC anyway)
Then the biggest decision is, do they want this fullscreen, portait,
landscape, zoomed and anyway most of them aren't safe if graphics anyway. I
nomally end up at 15-17 slides per hour. Including blowing with air gun.

Hope all this has helped.
Peter Balfour
Icon Digital Post
Melbourne, Australia

**thanks to Steve Harman, Lorne Miess, Mel Wunder, and Richard Cassel 
for support of the TIG in 1997
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