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Re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

In a message dated 97-05-27 00:06:57 EDT, Mark Kovalevsky wrote:

<< Now, the theory is that it shouldn't make any difference to our URSA
Gold/Da Vinci Renaissance setup  -- but is it really as easy as changing a
few settings on the machine?   >>

Hi Mark,

No, going from PAL to NTSC is not a big deal for an URSA Gold/da Vinci
system, assuming that you have dual references and the rest of your signal
path (noise reducer, still store, switcher, encoder, and etc.) is dual

Two things to be aware of, however.  First, always turn the Gold's EHT off
before changing standards to avoid the ever so slight possibility of burning
a line into the tube when the system locks to the new standard.  Some people
go so far as to power their telecines down before changing standards, but
after lots of dual standard work on Mk IIIC's and a Gold, I'd say the power
interruption is more likely to cause damage than a standards change.  We
never had a problem changing standards with the machines powered up, as long
as the EHT was turned off first.

The second thing is that each standard in the Renaissance is a separate
software option; unless yours was bought or upgraded to a dual standard
system, it won't work as one.  Your da Vinci sales rep is the person to talk
to for sorting this out.  

Christopher Bacon
DuArt Film & Video

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