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Re: More on 24 fps

Chris Bacon wrote:

>> How are you using the DVR-2000's?  Do you have
those special Sony data compression boxes they were talking about<<

No the DVR2000 and 2100 are used for standard def signals AFTER the down
conversion process. As for recording HDTV there are only 3 options. 

Until recently the Sony HDD-1000 was the only option for full HDTV
bandwidth recording. The HDD-1000 is a full bandwidth (30Mhz Y, Pr, Pb) 8
bit digital recorder w/ 8 DASH digital audio tracks. These machines are
open reel 1" tape and not in production any more (they are VERY expensive,
both in maintenance and tape costs ($1,200) per 1 hr. recording)

Panasonic Broadcast has released the  D5 line of HDTV compressed systems.
These are 10 bit record systems for HDTV that offer full bandwidth HD
recording on D5 transports running at 18mhz (SMPTE 267) with a 4:1
compression that is field based and extremely good. They also offer A/D and
D/A 10 bit converters and other support gear.

Sony also offers (later this year) the HD-CAM  series HDTV recorder. This
system is an 8 bit system that is bandwidth limited to about 25mhz and uses
approx. 7:1 compression. They also have A/D and D/A terminal gear similar
to Panasonic.

The Panasonic D5 and Sony HD-CAM both use the new HDTV serial interfaces
that boast a 1.5GPS data rate! 

At the Universal HDTV Center we believe that bandwidth limiting and 8 bit
record systems are not advisible in a mastering environment when full
bandwidth and 10 bits are available, so we have selected the Panasonic
system for future work. Although I think the Sony system will be popular
for general purpose HD production and distribution (like the Digi-Beta role
behind D1)

Chris also mentioned the audio rate issue and yes, we are aware that rate
conversion does not change pitch. The audio from the 24fps mag master is
rate converted to be correct at 23.98 and 29.97 respectively for the 625
and 525 masters. The 625 playback at 25 may need to be pitch corrected
depending on content, but generally not.. The 525 needs no correction at

Ron Martin
Universal HDTV Center
rlmarti at unistudios.com

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