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Re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

Mark Kovalevsky  5/27/97 10:38  wrote:

>David L. Tosh wrote:

>> We often end up in a situation where the audio element, 
>> sometimes mag, needs to be run at one rate and the video 
>> needs to run at another. I'm not sure how this happened 
>> but we have to deal with it. It may be because we have a 
>> standards converted video element and need to lay in a new 
>> language audio track.
> This question of PAL to NTSC is of great interest to us here 
> in Thailand.   ... deletia...
> Now, the theory is that it shouldn't make any difference 
> to our URSA Gold/Da Vinci Renaissance setup -- but is it really 
> as easy as changing a few settings on the machine? 

Hello Mark,

As you know the Keylink code reader automatically switches from PAL 
to NTSC but this doesn't solve the sound syncing maths
when two standards (and their variations) interleave. 
What to do when a 24.02 or 23.98 shot film appears in the Pal 
world, or when a 25 film is to be synced to a 29.97 ndf audio track?

A soon-to-be-released remedy will be the Aaton Indaw/Instantsync 
process which adapts itself to all 'drifts and discrepencies' 
encountered on the mixed frame rate borderlines.
We will be showing the INDAW station in operation at ShowBiz LA 
(June 13-15).  In the meantime you can get a sneack preview 
(a light 50K .pdf) on our web site.


Jean-Pierre Beauviala                    http://www.aaton.com

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