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Re: PAL into NTSC Transfers

>Mark Kovalevsky wrote:

> Now, the theory is that it 
>shouldn't make any difference to our URSA Gold/Da Vinci Renaissance setup 
>-- but is it really as easy as changing a few settings on the machine?  
>We plan to do a test, but fitting it in to our schedules hasn't been 
>easy, so any feedback from those who have swapped formats before 
>(particularly any who may do it on a regular basis) would be extremely 
>Mark Kovalevsky
>Loxley Video Post
>Bangkok Thailand

Mark, try to automate the swopping of standards as much as possible.  
We use a change over switcher for changing syncs and black and have 
coders and other gear that auto select the standard according to ref 
supplied.  User configs are also helpful.  This has brought the 
format change over time down to almost as fast as swopping gates and 
setting up.  The colourists can do all this fast without the 
need for engineering assistance.
Ivor Westpfahl
The Video Lab
South Africa

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