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Re: More on 24 fps

>In a message dated 97-05-23 17:12:18 EDT, Chris wrote:
>>  Otherwise, I'd have to differ; the audio pitch
>>  correction issues ought to be very much alive and well.
>This bring up an interesting point, and to me a bewildering issue. It has
>been my experience that very few facilites actually do any pitch correction
>when mastering 24 fps films in PAL at 25 fps. As hard as I try, I have been
>unable to convince anyone, even my studio clients, that this is neccessary.
>Is anyone actually pitch correcting, or do the Europeans just believe we all
>sound a little like Mickey Mouse?
>David Bernstein
>The Post Group West

We used to pitch correct various episodic series for Australia. That was 12
years ago. After some correspondence with the broadcasters down under, they
told us it really wasn't necessary. "No one knows what it really sounds like
at 24fps." We haven't pitch corrected since, and there haven't been any
inquiries from _anyone_ since then. 

Bruce W. Goldstein
Senior Colorist(who doesn't get $30K more)
Audio Plus Video

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